2017 Workshops

There will be 40 events scheduled over 10 hours in the two days of the fair.  All are included with your admission to Healthfest. Workshops will be held in Classrooms A, B, C and D. Presentations are 50 minutes in length.

These presentations will be held in the Auditorium on the stage:

Saturday 3 p.m. – Beyond Visible: An Ensemble of Meditative Light and Sound – The Conduit Center

Sunday 3 p.m. – “Spring” Into Your Best Self with Sound Healing – Quartz Bowls – Edie Jemiola, Peaceful Healings

Here is the entire line-up of our workshops for the weekend. Enjoy!


11 a.m.

A – Angels in the Balance – Wendy Birchall, Earth Angel Design

B – What is a Healthy Diet? The Anti-Inflammation Diet with Spirt and Love – Marie Mammone, ND, Naturopathic & Acupuncture Health Center

C – Functional Medicine and Compounding – Gene Gresh, RPH, FIACP and Nicholas Palermo, DO, Pioneer Health Compounding Pharmacy

D – Predicting Business Outcomes – Delanea Davis, Solstice Strategy Partners

12 noon

A – Tibetan Singing Bowls – Marie Menut, Vibrational Healing

B – Choosing Happiness – Marian Vitali, DC & Patricia Shannon, MS, Earth and Sky

C – Writing Your Pictorial History and Your Spiritual Will – Boneta Zaman, Yoga Born

D – Everyday Contemplation: Simple Techniques for Building Inner Peace and Serenity – Lisa Burch, LCSW, Spirit Matters, LLC

1 p.m.

A – Raising Your Energetic Vibration with South American Music and Art – Elena Juan and Nelson Mena, Face Painters Without Borders

B – Anyone Can Learn to Work with the Body’s Energy Field – Isa Morton, GEMFormulas, LLC

C – The Importance of Chiropractic Care – Dr. Jason Sousa, Pro Health Chiropractic

D – Hypnosis for Weight Loss – Alicia O’Hara, CCHT, CLC, Trance to Change Hypnotherapy

2 p.m.

ANaturopathic Nutrition for Athletes – Fran Storch, N.D., Healing Earth

B – Native Wisdom For Families –  Debra Franklin, LCSW, Heart Path Therapy

C – Get Your Wings On! – Celeste E. Mattingly, LCSW, Psychotherapy Healing Services, LLC

D – Tools and Techniques for Attracting the Life You Want to Live – Gayle Franceschetti, L.O.V.E.

3 p.m.

A – Discovering and Playing in the World of Labyrinth Energies and How These Energies Can Assist Us in Growth, Creativity and Achieving Harmony – Greg Coleman, Heartstone Labyrinths, LLC

B – Using Minerals to Feel the Amazing You – Ray Cahill, Tools For The Heart

C – What’s Your Body Really Telling You? Exploring Nutrition – Priscilla Bengtson, Healing in Harmony Center

D – Dissolving Personal Challenges – Stacy Goforth & Valinda Salva, Crystal Vibrations Jewelry



 11 a.m.

A – When, What, Why, How: Therapeutic Yoga Creates Optimal Health – Dawn Greenfield, Yoga Born

B – Dare to be Different – Priscilla Bengtson, Healing in Harmony Center

C – What Should I Eat? Food as Medicine and Choose the Right Diet for You! – CT Natural Health – Kaley Burns, Edgerton, Connecticut Natural Health Specialists

D – Spinal Decompression Therapy in the Management of Spinal Arthritis, Lumbar Disc Degeneration, Stenosis, and Chronic Low Back Pain – Dr. Guy Gottier, Westside Chiropractic

12 noon

A – At the Garden’s Gate for Families – Judith Dreyer, At the Garden’s Gate

B – Body Mind & Nutrition – Formula for Sensation Health – Ada Rios, Ada Rios Body, Mind & Nutrition

C – 7 Simple Steps to End Overwhelm and Chaos Starting Right Now… – Terry Lloyd, Center for Progressive Therapies

D – Blood Sugar: Lifestyle Choices to Take Control – CT Natural Health – Nick Edgerton, Connecticut Natural Health Specialists

1 p.m.

A – Breaking News: Lowering LDL & Raising HDL is Not the Simple Key to Heart Health! – Erika Dworkin, Manchester Parkade Health Shoppe, Certified Lifestyle Educator and Nutrition Consultant

B – Finding your Balance – Lynne Hartwell, Certified Holistic Health & Well-BEing Practitioner

C – The Healing Power of Our Past: Past Life Therapy – Norton Berkowitz

D – Meditation – The WOW Factor for a More Conscious, Healthier You – Matthew Raider, M.D., Science of Spirituality

2 p.m.

A – Astrology and Health – Patricia Peabody, Center for Progressive Therapies

B – Storytime (K-5) – Tapping to Happy – Mimi Stevens aka Lois Grasso, author of “Maven & the Magic Bttons”

C – An Overview of Sacred Contracts – Fredericka Close, RN, Sacred Contracts Consulting

D – The Many Ways Hypnosis Can Heal – Jan Bartrop-Babbitt, REAL Change Therapy

3 p.m.

A – The Wisdom of Plant Medicine – Stacey Wood & David Soule, Whole Harmony

B – The Role of Children’s Gut Health in Attention, Learning and Immune Development – Dr. Nicole Klughers, Vis Wellness Center, LLC

C – Acupuncture for the Cancer Patient – Heather Finn, Lac, Women’s Center for Wellness

STAGE – “Spring” Into Your Best Self with Sound Healing – Quartz Bowls – Edie Jemiola, Peaceful Healings