Our Authors will again be integrated throughout the vendors.

Infinite Love and Serenity – Lisa Toomey (with co-authors Jennifer Townsend and Angela Vernola) – Table 217
How Much Do You Dare to Share? Get Ready to Go There… will be available. If Chicken Soup for the Soul and Book of Questions had a baby, it would be this book. By baring and sharing their own stories and truths, the authors hope to empower and encourage others to do the same. What is shameful or embarrassing in the eyes of one person is acceptable to another. No matter what your experience, they guarantee that there is someone else who has been there, gone there, done it or lived it. You are not alone. Books will be available for purchase at the Infinite Love and Serenity, LLC  booth.

Rod Kelly – Table 146
Two books will be available. The Earth, Sky & You is a study guide teaching how you can dramatically heighten your self-healing abilities. Second, Children & the Wilderness is a collection of short stores that are based real stories of children’s experiences with the Wilderness, which includes 11 full color copies of the renowned artist Clermont Duval painting collections.

Psychotherapy Services and the Sanctuary for Celestial Empowerment – Celeste Mattingly, LCSW – Table 103
Two books will be available. Celestial Psychology®: A Workbook of Chakras, Psychological Theory & Conscious Evolution and Celestial Psychology®: A Guidebook for Co-Creating Miracles, Luminosity & Conscious Evolution by author Celeste E Mattingly with Contributions by Dory Dzinski. Empower yourself and others to access personal strengths and innate healing and psychic abilities. Raise your consciousness naturally & experience profound and permanent change.

ProYoga Therapeutics – Elizabeth Gibbs – Table 206
ProYoga Therapeutics specializes in “anytime, anywhere” yoga for stress management. All ages and abilities welcome. Beth is the author of Ogi Bogi, the Elephant Yogi, a children’s book about yoga.

Thriver Zone / Butterfly Bliss Productions LLC – Susan Omilian – Table 116
Take the journey beyond abuse. Pure, natural aroma alchemy essential oils. Susan is the author of two books: Entering The Thriver Zone: A Seven Step Guide to Thriving After Abuse and Awaken: The Awakening of the Human Spirit on a Healing Journey.